Doki Doki Densha Sekai

A train has arrived at a station, as colorful cube-people hustle.

Nominated as finalist to People's Choice Awards at Nordic Game Jam 2016

A relaxing exploration of a metro system. Put on a pair of headphones and immerse yourself in a world of trains and cube people.

Made in cooperation with Sketchwhale and Astrid Sonne


Download for:
64-bit Windows
Macintosh OS X
LÖVE 11.2

Please note that if you use Linux or a similarly uncommon operating system, you should download the LÖVE game file above, along with installing the LÖVE game framework. The game have been tested with version 11.2 of LÖVE, but no guarantees are given for later versions.

September 2019 Update

The game has been updated once again, with following patch notes:

March 2019 Update

As of March 2019, we are hosting the game files ourselves. In addition the game have been updated to fix several issues, and some minor features have been implemented.

The old description originally hosed on was roughly as follows:

Nominated as People's Choice Awards finalist at Nordic Game Jam 2016!

Doki Doki Densha Sekai is a first step to see when a world begins to form in the mind of the player. Try and visit all the unique stations such as complex Inu-shibuya, the religious center O-biiru-no-mizu and curiously circular Manko-mae. If you miss either your ride or stop, don't worry about it. Relax and listen to the easy-going music while you wait. It might be a while.

Was made for Nordic Game Jam 2016, by the following people: