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Doki Doki Densha Sekai

A train has arrived at a station, as colorful cube-people hustle.

Nominated as finalist to People's Choice Awards at Nordic Game Jam 2016

A relaxing exploration of a metro system. Put on a pair of headphones and immerse yourself in a world of trains and cube people.

Made in cooperation with Sketchwhale and Astrid Sonne

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Adrift on the seas of change; a world of our own making.

Nijousatsujikenriron is a murder-mystery dating-sim set in an elevator. As Detective Monaghan, you just had the worst, and probably last, day of your career. As you enter the elevator, you feel things are not going to get better. Can you solve the mystery? Can you find yourself? Can you move on?

Made in cooperation with Sketchwhale and Mikko "Mishicu" Aaltio

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A badly drawn tiger explains its own existence: "Once upon a time, there was a programming language named Tiger, and nobody used it. Then some stupid student made a clone of cowsay, and that is how I was born"

Tigersay is an implementation of the classic Perl program Cowsay, written in the Tiger programming language, a toy language originating from the Modern Compiler Implementation in ML/C/Java series of books.

It does not come compiled, nor does it come with a Tiger compiler. The only way to experience the wonder that is Tigersay is to use your own Tiger compiler. (Or find one on the internet, but that's cheating.)

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